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Not the same old list of drills or batteries. Not a stylish tool photo or a polished catchphrase. This is a place where we celebrate our users’ stories, sharing their experiences while on the job or while they’re trying new things. See how they Demand Different.

Our Commitment to the Skilled Trades Is Ongoing but Evolving

Bosch has been a partner to the trade pro for over 80 years, and we work to support you in many ways. In 2019, we toured the country to meet face-to-face with many of you, so we could connect, share and listen. We planned to double our efforts in 2020. Nevertheless, our commitment to you, to the trade pro, is stronger than ever. There are many who this year discovered what we already knew: the skilled trades are essential! And while the way that we are able to connect, share and listen is different in 2020, our mis


We took things to new heights in 2019, literally. From sky diving to helicopter commutes to tree climbing – the Demand Different tour celebrated our users in new and unusual ways. The tour might be over but episodes are forever. Explore the tour!


We’ve discovered our users are up for
just about anything. So is our resident adventurer, David Whiteman. On the job he’s traveled the country visiting dozens of construction sites conducting
hundreds of hours of job site training. Outside the job, he has trekked the world adventure-seeking – skydiving out of an air balloon, bungee jumping and high-wire walking. So if our users are game, he’s game. It could be bull riding, it could be shark-cage diving. You up for it? So are we. Jump in with
Toes of Steel.


Local heroes. After putting in countless hours on the job, many of our users are champions who donate time and effort to making their community a better place to live. They make a real impact with blood, sweat and tears. Check out some of these Acts of Coolness.


You can’t tick items off your bucket list while you are sitting on your couch. Our adventurer team is hitting the road to challenge our users to do something that scares or tests them. Watch as the users strive to open up to the world, start to live their best lives, and Try Something New.

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